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Real Race Cars Have A Clutch!  By popular demand, in 1996 a few long time stick shift bracket racers got together and held a race at the famed 75-80 dragway in Maryland.  The class became known as Pro Stick.  Over the years since, this Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia based group continues to attract new cars and grow in spectator popularity.  This site is intended to provide some general information to our racers and fans.  You will find current news, a list of our supporters, our rules, the schedule, race results, and series points.  For additional information other than what is provided below, or to purchase our Real Race Cars logo T-Shirts etc., please phone 301-416-2319. 



The site was last updated on April 3, 2017



Celebrating over twenty years of PRO / STICK!!




Warren Frank is holding a NHRA chassis certification at his ARC Racecars shop on April 29.  Call Warren at 717-624-8181 for more information.


Remember to check Todd’s website at to see pictures from the banquet! 


New for 2017:  JSC Racing Fabrication (James and Crystal Smith) will sponsor cash payouts for the top ten for 2017.  These awards will be presented at the banquet when our 2017 season is complete at the banquet in 2018!  


The Gasser Racing Series may have some of their cars come run with us from time to time in 2017.  If you are looking for something to do on our off weekends, check out their series at for more information!


Snell 2005 helmets are now out of date at NHRA tracks (and maybe other tracks).  Please update your helmet accordingly. 


Tessa Gordon has arranged a Pro Stick cruise for February 2018!!  We set sail from Baltimore Maryland to the Bahamas, leaving on 2/4/18 for a week.  This is a Carnival Pride cruise.  Prices range from $459 per person (double occupancy) to $709 per person (double occupancy) depending on the type of cabin you reserve.  A passport is required.  Contact Ellen Sisser at Omega World Travel to book your cabin (give Tessa’s name or Pro Stick Racing cruise), call 703-359-8888.  We will also announce details at the banquet.  


Bill Smith, driver of the Pinto in our class, is a Racers for Christ Chaplain.  If you are in need of Bill’s services, please contact him at 717-479-8772. 




Warren Frank of ARC Race Cars will continue to sponsor our reaction time award AND continuing in 2017, he is posting a $100 contingency to the winner of each event.  This extra $100 is over and above our normal purse.  You must display the ARC decal on both sides of the car to be eligible for the contingency. 



Points Program Modifications:

After much thought and some conversations, in an effort to attract a few more cars at select events, the following changes are effective immediately.


1.  At the last race of the year you will get double show-up points (20). 


2.  At all 1/8 mile races, no matter where it is, you will get double show-up points (20).


More News:


1.  Clarified delay device rule!  Rule number 4 now reads – Absolutely no type of delay devices are permitted.  A delay device is ANY mechanism, electronic or otherwise, that can be adjusted to create ANY delay between the driver reacting to the tree, and the car moving forward. 


2.  SRS Fitness (Mark Petit Demange) will continue to sponsor the bounty program in 2017.  You must display his SRS Fitness decal on both sides of the car (or truck) to claim the bounty.  Eric will have the decals at the track.


3.  SAFETY - We wish to stress the importance of safety.  The safety equipment is there for YOU.  Tighten your seat belts, strap your helmet firmly, wear your neck collar and other required equipment.  If your car runs in the eight second zone, strongly consider purchasing a Hans device.  ARC Race Cars has a deal on those devices.  It only takes one accident for a life changing event, don’t think it can’t happen to you.  Be proactive and protect yourself.


4.  ARC Racecars continues to sponsor the reaction time award.  You must display the ARC decal on both sides of the car in order to receive the money.  Eric will have the decals available in his trailer. 


5.  Todd Dziadosz attends many events and our banquet.  He continues to send in either updated car pictures, or ones that had not been on the site before.  If you would like the photo of your car updated, please contact Todd through and he will take care of you, and check out his site for pictures! 


6.  Al Matteucci has dropped the price on his motor home.  It is a 1983 Coachmen / Ford chassis, 460 engine, 63K miles, 23 foot.  The Coachmen is in nice shape and has no rust.  Al is asking $1,000 or best offer!  Call Al at 703-965-1749.


7.  Two-steps allowed in footbrake class:  Three tracks will now allow stick cars to compete in their footbrake bracket classes WITH two-steps.  This new rule will be in effect starting in 2016 at Cecil County, Maple Grove, and Atco.  If you are looking for something extra on our Pro Stick off weekends, now you know these tracks have officially changed their rules thanks to Mark Petit DeMange.




Without the support of the people below our program would not be possible.  Please support those who support us, it is that simple.


Sponsors in alphabetical order within group:


Local Area Sponsors:

ARC Race Cars (Warren Frank) of Hanover, PA  717-624-8181

Eastside Auto & Machine Shop of Waynesboro, VA  540-943-2583 

JSC Racing Fabrication (James and Crystal Smith) of New Oxford, PA  717-465-5400

Joe Bowman Auto Plaza – contact Ted McGann 540-867-5854

Marshall Automotive of Hagerstown, MD  301-733-9162

Marshall Gravely Lawn Tractor Sales and Service of Hagerstown, MD  301-733-9162

SRS Fitness (see for more information)


Performance Industry Company Sponsors:

G-Force Transmissions – Cleona, PA

Liberty Transmissions – Taylor, MI

Long Shifters – Cleona, PA

Mickey Thompson Tires – Stow, OH

RAM Clutches – Columbia, SC

Strange Engineering – Morton Grove, IL


Joe Bowman Auto Plaza continues to support us.  When it’s time to buy a vehicle, keep our sponsor in mind.  They have a new, state of the art facility in Harrisonburg, VA with a huge inventory of cars and trucks.  They carry the Chevrolet and Cadillac product lines as well as fine used vehicles.  Contact Ted McGann at 540-867-5854 for further information about your Pro Stick discount, it is worth your time.      


Bill Mathias at Eastside Machine in Waynesboro, VA. Is offering Mickey Thompson Tires to our group at a reduced price.  They also offer complete machine shop services and they are a Ford Motorsports Dealer.  Contact Bill at 540-943-2583 (eligibility for the Pro Stick discount will be verified.)


Strange Engineering offers discounts to our group.  Eligibility for the Pro Stick discount will be verified.  Please contact Eric for more information about this offer.


The following applies at each race:  The winner will receive a $50 RAM gift certificate. 


ARC Race Cars sponsors the reaction time award.  Of those drivers appearing for first round, the person with the best reaction time during all time run sessions (further clarified under Bye Runs below) will receive $25.  However, in order to receive the $25, you must display the ARC decal on both sides of the car.  The decals are available in Eric’s trailer.  The winner is posted on the board in Eric’s trailer, check after the second time run session.  Bring your time slip to the trailer if you think you qualify for the best reaction time.  The reaction time award applies only to runs made during the Pro Stick time run sessions that we make as a group.  Note: All time run sessions count toward the reaction award.


BSD track photographer Todd Dziadosz always has pictures of our cars on his site.  Please visit to view and purchase pictures of our cars.  There are pictures available from various events and the banquet. 


Custom Concepts offers static cling number kits.  The kit comes in a reusable tube and you can use the numbers over many times.  Custom sizes and colors are available.  Call 301-689-6141. 






Drag racing is hazardous.  Injury to participants or spectators is possible in all areas of the racetrack.  Promoters, organizers, etc. assume no liability for injuries.  You are attending the event at your own risk.  Your attendance acknowledges your acceptance of all risks associated with racing, and releases all other parties from any liability.


Always keep your speeds down in the pit area to 5 MPH or less.  There are spectators, small children, golf carts, etc. moving around all the time, and they are not always paying attention.


1.  The vehicle must use a transmission that is clutch operated off of the starting line.  A clutchless type transmission is also permitted (lenco type or similar).


2.  The class ET cut-off is 7.50 through 11.49 in the quarter mile.  (4.75 through 7.39 eighth mile)


RULE EXCEPTION for cars running 11.50 through 11.99 (7.40 through 7.65 1/8 mile).  These cars may run if you meet any one of the following criteria stated in 2a, 2b, or 2c.


2a)  If you traveled with the group from track to track running at least five events in 2007, and at least five events in 2008, you are grandfathered in and you may run.


2b)  If your car is a legal, currently registered NHRA or IHRA stock class car, you may run.


2c)  If your vehicle is a 1979 model year or older, you may run.


3.  The class will run on a five tenths bracket style full tree with handicap dial in.


4.  Absolutely no type of delay devices are permitted.  A delay device is ANY mechanism, electronic or otherwise, that can be adjusted to create ANY delay between the driver reacting to the tree, and the car moving forward.


5.  MSD type ignition and/or 2 step / 3 step is permitted.


6.  No street legal tires are permitted on the rear axle.


7.  No dragsters allowed.


8.  No front wheel drive vehicles allowed.


9.  No hydraulic throw-out bearings with release buttons allowed.


10.  Once in eliminations, you must drive the same car in all rounds.  This rule does not apply to a run-off of a rain-out of a previous event.   


11.  Courtesy staging is recommended.  Wait until both cars are pre-staged before either car stages.


12.  NHRA, IHRA, or other host track sanctioning body, and local rules apply.


13.  Absolutely no use of drugs or alcohol will be tolerated. 


14.  The use of nitrous oxide is NOT permitted by anyone.


15.  In appreciation of our sponsors, it is suggested that their decals be displayed on both sides of the car.


16.  During random elimination rounds, once you pull in to the staging lanes and have secured your spot, do not move your car in an effort to avoid running any particular opponent, or in an effort to run a particular opponent.





It is the responsibility of the driver to take their car to the pre-race tech. Inspection.  The host track officials will check driver credentials/safety equipment, and vehicle safety equipment as described in the NHRA/IHRA rulebook.  The track may disqualify any driver or vehicle for failure to meet these requirements.  All drivers must be a dues paying member of the sanctioning bodies of NHRA and IHRA.  The decision of host track officials regarding win/loss disputes, crossing of boundaries, or infractions of any rules (sanctioning body or local) is final.


Safety Suggestions For Your Own Good:

1.  If you are unfamiliar with a track, always look around before making any runs to get yourself familiar with the surroundings and operation of the track.  Pay special attention to the shut down area of the drag strip should any emergency type situation occur.

2.  Consider wearing a SFI neck collar no matter how fast your car is.

3.  Tighten down your seat AND shoulder belts before every run.  Loose belts will do you no good.  


Warren Frank is working a deal to get a group discount for anyone who is interested in purchasing a Hans device.  A sportsman model is available that you can easily put on yourself after you are in the car.  ARC also offers bolt on or weld on header collector retention devices as approved by NHRA.  Call Warren at 717-624-8181 for more information.   


Event Registration and Drivers Meeting:

The racer entry fee for all races will be $50 unless otherwise posted on this web site per event.  The entry fee is paid at the gate.  Anyone can run with the group as long as they meet the specific track rules, and our group rules.  Check the white board in Eric’s trailer for pertinent information pertaining to each event.  You can locate the trailer by looking for the Pro / Stick Racing flag at the yellow Chevelle H118.  Make sure Eric knows you are at the track for tracking of your points.  Let Eric know of breakage if you can not run.  There are no refunds for breakage if you pulled in to the staging lanes to attempt at least one time run.    


The drivers meeting is usually 15 minutes after first round of eliminations at Eric’s trailer, please plan accordingly.  First round of eliminations is always random pairings.  At the meeting, we will establish our race ladder sheet by drawing cards.  We use a bracket type ladder sheet as is used at local tracks. Lane choice may be discussed and determined by a coin flip.     

Bye Runs:  


Bye run for first round:  Of all cars appearing for first round of eliminations, the driver with the best reaction time during our time run session(s) will earn the potential bye run and $25 from ARC Race Cars.  Both time run sessions count toward earning the potential first round bye, the best light regardless of which session earns it.  To determine a winner in the event of a tie – If there is a tie BETWEEN time run sessions, the first session driver gets the bye.  If there is a tie DURING the same session, we choose from those same drivers in the OTHER session. Check the board in Eric’s trailer for the car number, especially if YOU had a good light, sometimes the track makes mistakes on the run sheets! 



During random rounds, if at the end of the line the bye run car has a car to race, the bye run car gets lane choice.  


Round two and beyond: the bye run goes to the winning driver having the best reaction time in the previous round.  If there is a tie, we look back to the previous round (or time session if need be) for those same drivers to determine the bye.


When we establish a pairing sheet, bye run cars go to the top of the sheet for the next round.


The bye run car should always pull to the designated bye run spot at a specific track.  Depending on specific track rules, bye run cars may or may not have to go down the track, but under full power is at the drivers option.  One bye run per car per event maximum.


Break Runs:  After the ladder has been established at the meeting, if a car cannot make a run, the competitor gets a single run and this does not count as a bye run. Single runs are conducted as stated in the sanctioning rulebook.


Win/Loss:  If you lose, you are out even if your competition breaks after you lost.  An example of an exception to this would be as stated in the sanctioning rulebook under disqualifications regarding crossing of boundaries (track officials make these calls).  Also, you or your crew must check your dial on the scoreboards before pre-staging.  Be proactive and be responsible, there have been cases where the track makes mistakes.  No reruns due to incorrect dial-ins. 


The Bounty Contest:

SRS Fitness will sponsor the bounty program in 2015.  The winner of the previous event will have a $25 bounty on their head.  The driver who beats the winner of that previous event will receive the $25.  You must display the SRS Fitness decal on both sides of the car to claim the bounty.  Eric will have the decals in his trailer.


Rain:  Some races have a posted rain date on the schedule.  If no elimination rounds start, it can be expected that we will run the event on the posted rain date.  In the event of rain after eliminations start, a decision will be made depending on the particular situation.  Some example situations would include:

1.  If a few rounds have been completed, we will usually split the purse among the remaining drivers.

2.  If we are down to the last round or two, the purse may be split, or we may run the cars off at another date as decided on by the remaining drivers vote.  If we have a tied vote, the cars are to be run off at a later date. 

3.  If an early round starts and it rains before the round is complete, a decision will be made depending on the exact situation.  Winners so far during the round will receive their points. 

4.  If a late round starts and it rains before the round is complete, a decision will be made depending on the exact situation.  Winners so far during the round will receive their points.  Drivers still in will vote to make a decision.  If we have a tied vote, the cars are to be run off at a later date. 



Make sure Eric has your current address and car number.  Don’t use your engine size or the year of your car for your number.  That is not a unique idea and duplicate numbers show up in the computer.  Keep in mind that the track employees change.  They may not know how our program works.  Staging officials may need reminded that we are on a ladder, etc.  From time to time, tracks at the start of our first time trial will by mistake give us a Pro tree.  If that happens, do not go down the track.  Instead just back out, cut the engine off, inform the starter accordingly that we run on a full five tenths tree.  


Clarification on car counts:

The 64 maximum car count is no longer.  If there are over 64 cars, we will run two rounds of random before holding our meeting and going on a ladder.   



There is no charge to join the points tracking program.  The points program is just for fun and bragging rights.  It is a good idea to track your own points as a double check and let Eric know if issues.  Each driver receives 10 show-up points per event at a quarter mile track, or 20 show-up points per event at an eighth mile track.  You will get the points for showing up with the intent of running with the group even if you broke before eliminations.  Intent of running is indicated by bringing your car to the track, paying your entry fee at the gate, and filling out/turning in a tech card.  Each driver also receives 10 points for each round won including bye runs or singles if your competition broke.  The reaction winner of each event will receive 5 points. 

Special note for the last race of the year:

You get 20 show up points regardless if it is quarter mile or eighth mile track. 


Additional points are awarded at each event as follows:

Ø     an extra 11 points to the winner

Ø     an extra 7 points to the runner-up

Ø     an extra 3 points for a semi-final loss



Tie breaker rule to determine the series champion (if necessary):

If at the end of the season there are multiple drivers tied in points for the championship, we will determine the champion from those tied drivers by naming the driver with the most event wins throughout the season.  




(See to check the forecast)

All races are points races, and all races are quarter mile unless noted otherwise


Saturday May 20 at Capitol Raceway, Crofton Maryland



Saturday and Sunday, May 27 and 28 at Beaver Springs Dragway, Pennsylvania

(Pro Tree / handicap dial (no points) second chance race also on Saturday)



Saturday June 24 Nostalgia at Mason-Dixon Dragway, Hagerstown MD (rain date June 25)



Saturday July 1 at Sumerduck Virginia (rain date July 2)(1/8 mile)(double show-up points)



Sunday July 9 at South Mountain Raceway, Boiling Springs PA (rain date July 23)(1/8 mile)(double show-up points)



Saturday August 5 Nostalgia at Colonial Beach, VA (rain date August 6) (1/8 mile)(double show-up points)



Saturday August 19 at Capitol Raceway, Crofton Maryland



Saturday and Sunday September 2 and 3 at Mason-Dixon Dragway, Hagerstown MD

$1,200 to win each day!



Saturday September 16 is The Legends at MDIR, Budds Creek, Maryland



Saturday and Sunday Sept. 23 and 24 – Nostalgia at Keystone Raceway Park in

New Alexandria, PA.  $1,500 to win each day ($60 entry per day)  This is a UMTR joint

event (11.99 and faster only, no Street Stick class).

Round money starting with second round losers each day.



Saturday October 7 - The North and South join at Eastside Dragway in Waynesboro, VA - $2,000 to win ($60 entry fee) (rain date Oct. 8) (1/8 mile)(double show-up points)



Saturday October 28 - Nostalgia at Virginia Motorsports Park - $2,000 to win ($60 entry fee)

(rain date Oct. 29) (double show-up points)



Participation at our events:

All cars are welcome if you meet our rules as posted on this website.  There is no membership fee or dues, simply pay your entry per event at the gate.     




2016 Pro Stick Series Race Results



Beaver Springs on 5/28/16 – 50 plus cars in attendance

Winner:  James and Crystal Smith (Gforce Mustang)                  

Runner-up:  Amanda Rupprecht (Mustang) 

Semi-finalists:  Russ White and Terry Brandt    

ARC Race Cars Reaction Winner:  ‘Lucky’ Dean Leyh with a .001 light

SRS Fitness Bounty Winner:  John Haislip


Beaver Springs on 5/29/16 – 40 plus cars in attendance

Winner:  Jay Zolko (Gforce Mustang)                     

Runner-up:  Mike Rowe (Moyer Mustang) 

Semi-finalist:  Dan Hoyler (Mustang)    

ARC Race Cars Reaction Winner:  Madd Dogg Ted McGann with a .005 light

SRS Fitness Bounty Winner:  Jay Zolko


Capitol on 6/4/16 – 48 cars in attendance

Winner:  Ed Brady (Gforce Mustang)                      

Runner-up:  Bill Marks (Olds) 

Semi-finalist:  Matt Bergenstock (Pickup)    

ARC Race Cars Reaction Winner:  Kevin Wines with a .005 light

SRS Fitness Bounty Winner:  Amanda Rupprecht



Mason-Dixon on 6/25/16 – 55 cars in attendance

Winner:  James Smith (Gforce Mustang)                 

Runner-up:  Chris Shaffer (Fury) 

Semi-finalists:  Austin Lilley (Arrow) and Eric Kitchen (Chevelle)    

ARC Race Cars Reaction Winner:  Ronnie Ward with a .006 light

SRS Fitness Bounty Winner:  None in effect



Sumerduck on 7/2/16 – 36 cars in attendance

Winner:  Mark Charcalla (Mustang)              

Runner-up:  Lynn Umberger (Comet) 

Semi-finalist:  Bink Rhodes (Nova)    

ARC Race Cars Reaction Winner:  James Smith with a .000 light

SRS Fitness Bounty Winner:  Mark Charcalla


Colonial Beach on 8/6/16 - 35 cars in attendance

Rained out after 3 rounds of eliminations, purse split among 5 cars still in 

ARC Race Cars Reaction Winner:  Dave Slusher with a .000 light

SRS Fitness Bounty Winner:  Not Claimed


Beaver Springs on 8/13/16 – 51 cars in attendance

Winner:  Chris Shaffer (Fury)                       

Runner-up:  James Smith (Gforce Mustang) 

Semi-finalist:  Galen Geesaman (Vintage Mustang)    

ARC Race Cars Reaction Winner:  Ed Brady with a .000 light

SRS Fitness Bounty Winner:  None in Effect


Capitol on 8/20/16 - 48 cars in attendance

Winner:  Jay Zolko                   

Runner-up:  Dean Leyh 

Semi-finalist:  James Smith    

ARC Race Cars Reaction Winner:  Chuck Gassmann with a .001 light

SRS Fitness Bounty Winner:  Not Claimed


Mason-Dixon on 9/3/16 – 65 cars in attendance

Winner:  Andy Charcalla                     

Runner-up:  Chris Shaffer (Fury) 

Semi-finalists:  Terry Brandt and James Smith    

ARC Race Cars Reaction Winner:  Andy Charcalla with a .000 light

SRS Fitness Bounty Winner:  Ted McGann


Mason-Dixon on 9/4/16 – 52 cars in attendance

Winner:  Andy Charcalla                     

Runner-up:  John Haislip 

Semi-finalists:  Bryan Wetzel and Jay Zolko    

ARC Race Cars Reaction Winner:  Matt Walter with a .004 light

SRS Fitness Bounty Winner:  Previous winner not beaten


MIR on 9/17/16 – 47 cars in attendance

Winner:  Shannon Wisecarver (Chevy II)               

Runner-up:  Mark Charcalla (Falcon) 

Semi-finalist:  Andy Stone    

ARC Race Cars Reaction Winner:  James Smith with a .001 light

SRS Fitness Bounty Winner:  Shannon Wisecarver


Eastside on 10/2/16 – 39 cars in attendance

Winner:  Chris Shaffer (Fury)                       

Runner-up:  Eric Kitchen (69 Chevelle) 

Semi-finalist:  Frank Dean    

ARC Race Cars Reaction Winner:  Larry Carasea with a .001 light

SRS Fitness Bounty Winner:  Eric Kitchen






2016 Pro Stick Series Points Standings




             POINTS            LAST_NAME      FIRST_NAME                  MAKE_CAR

                 525          SMITH            JAMES                       GFORCE MUSTANG

              486          SHAFFER        CHRIS                        66 FURY

              381          CHARCALLA   MARK R.                    90 MUSTANG

              353          HOYLER         DAN                            89 MUSTANG

              347          CHARCALLA   ANDREW                    86 MUSTANG

              332          LEYH              DEAN                         79 CAMARO

              317          RUPPRECHT   AMANDA                    87 MUSTANG

              313          WHITE            RUSS                         68 GTO

              297          UMBERGER    LYNN                          COMET

              293          RHODES         ART                            73 NOVA

                   290            KITCHEN                ERIC                                   69 CHEVELLE

                   276            BERGENSTOCK       MATT                                  PICKUP

                   265            ZOLKO                  JAY                                    GFORCE MUSTANG

                   260            RIGGLEMAN            TIM                                     DAYTONA

                   247            CHARCALLA            MARK A.                              FALCON

                   245            SLUSHER               DAVE                                  CAMARO

                   240            WHORTON              JOHN                                  71 NOVA

                   240            CLITES                  CODY                                  OLDSMOSBILE

                   237            HAISLIP                 JOHN                                  70 CAMARO

                   233            WETZEL                 BRYAN                                PICKUP

                   230            WETZEL                 TERRY                                BBC / FALCON

                   225            CARASEA              LARRY                                69 CAMARO

                   220            CORBIN                 GREGG                               70 NOVA

                   216            BRADY                  ED                                     GFORCE MUSTANG

                   215            MCGANN                TED                                    67 FIREBIRD

                   211            WISECARVER         SHANNON                            CHEVY II

                   210            TWIGG                  JEFF                                   67 CHEVELLE

                   210            CROSTEN               HOWIE                                CHEVY II

                   210            MURPHY                KEVIN                                 NOVA

                   176            BRANDT                 TERRY                                85 MUSTANG

                   175            GASSMANN            CHUCK                                67 CAMARO

                   170            BAKER                  KEVIN                                 65 NOVA

                   155            WARD                   RONNIE                               79 MUSTANG

                   150            WISECARVER         CHARLIE                              CHEVY II

                   140            SOLTES                 JOHN                                  69 MACH I

                   140            JENKINS                FRANK                                CORVETTE

                   137            MARKS                  BILL                                    70 OLDS 442

                   130            KNUDSEN              CLARK                                88 MUSTANG

                   130            HOLLADAY             RICK                                   65 GTO

                   130            MILLER                  RONALD                              72 NOVA

                   120            FREELS                 SAM                                   CAMARO

                   113            STONE                  ANDY                                  69 CAMARO

                   110            BOWMAN               JIM                                     86 MUSTANG

                   110            MOYER JR              MERV                                 86 MUSTANG

                   100            LONG                    LEONARD                             GFORCE MUSTANG

                   100            KIRCHNER              COLTON                               79 MALIBU

                     95            WALTER                MATT                                  CAMARO

                     93            LILLEY                   AUSTIN                                ARROW

                     90            FOOSE                  GORDON                              63 CORVETTE

                     83            GEESAMAN            GALEN                                VINTAGE MUSTANG

                     83            DEAN                    FRANK                                81 FAIRMONT WAGON

                     80            TIBBINS                 RANDY                                88 MUSTANG

                     80            PHILLIPS                TIM                                     41 STUDEBAKER

                     80            MUDDIMAN             EARL                                  CHEVY II

                     80            SORESI                 JIM                                     64 VETTE

                     80            CONTE                  GARY                                  55 CHEVY

                     80            WILSON                 DAVE                                  VEGA

                     70            SCHNOKE              BOB                                   66 MUSTANG

                     70            LEYLAND JR           FRED                                  68 CHEVELLE

                     67            ROWE                   MIKE                                   87 MUSTANG

                     65            WINES                  KEVIN                                 69 CAMARO

                     60            HORTON                RICHARD                              CHEVY II

                     50            DEREMER              LARRY                                CAMARO

                     50            PRICE                   RODNEY                              CAMARO

                     50            FRANK                  MARK                                 MALIBU

                     40            HILLIER                  PAUL                                  CAPRI

                     40            BLUME                  MARVIN                               57 CHEVY

                     40            PARSON                BARRY                                85 MUSTANG

                     40            CONFER                TERRY                                67 CAMARO

                     40            MOORE                 DARRELL                             MAVERICK

                     40            TAYLOR SR            THEODORE                           79 MALIBU WAGON

                     40            GIANNAKSRIO         BILL                                    68 GTO

                     40            MEACHAM              BRUCE                                MUSTANG

                     40            MOYER                 JEREMY                              MUSTANG

                     30            SHALLCROSS          RICHIE                                 69 CAMARO

                     30            MORGAN               JOHN                                  55 CHEVY

                     30            BELDEN                 BILL                                    75 NOVA

                     30            STRICKLER             MICHAEL                              67 CAMARO

                     30            VOSHELL               JOHN                                  68 MUSTANG

                     30            JERNIGAN              CRAIG                                 63 GALAXIE

                     30            HENRY                  DENNY                                65 MUSTANG

                     30            LORSBACH             GREG                                 CUDA

                     20            KLINE SR               SHANE                                67 CHEVELLE

                     20            MCGOWAN             ARIS                                   66 CHEVELLE

                     20            FENZEL                 MARK                                 1950 PONTIAC

                     20            HOUSE                  FRED & KRIS                         TBIRD

                     20            DELAUGHTER          STEVE                                68 FIREBIRD

                     20            SIMS                     DOLAN                                CHEVY II WAGON

                     20            TAYLOR JR             TED                                    65 MALIBU

                     20            DUFFIN SR             HAROLD                              CHEVY II

                     20            KUHN                    PAUL                                  MUSTANG

                     20            WEAVER               TEDDY                                BULLITT

                     10            HENNIGAN              TOMMY                               NOVA

                     10            BURNS                  RICHIE                                 66 CHEVY II

                     10            SNOOK                  DAVE                                  88 MUSTANG

                     10            OEHM                   ERNEST                               67 CAMARO

                     10            JUDD                    LARRY                                CHEVY II

                     10            MORGAN               TOM                                   55 CHEVY

                     10            KLINGER                SCOTT                                 ROAD RUNNER

                     10            THOMAS                SCOTT                                 SUPER BEE

                     10            PHELPS                 DAVID                                 OLDS




Miscellaneous Chevrolet parts for small-block & big-block. Heads, cranks, rods, pistons, etc.  Call for details.  304-839-8216 or 304-258-5894.


Mark Williams spools, gears and axles for Dana 60. Call for details.  303-839-8216/304-258-5894.


New Boninfante aluminum single disc clutch, complete for internally balanced motor. New in box $2,000. 304-839-8216.


1970 Chevelle Pro Street - best of everything call for details. 304 839-8216 or 258 5894.


1961 Chevy Biscayne 2-door sedan 409, 4-speed positraction rear end. Call for many more details 304-839-8216 or 304-258-5894.





For Sale (posted on 7-31-16):  Jerico transmission with two shifters.  Very few runs on this transmission with road race sliders.  $2,500 or best offer.  Call Ray 240-529-5330




For Sale (posted on 9-8-15):  1974 Vega, lenco transmission, Dana 60 with various gear sets, two SBC engines, RAM clutch, misc. parts, intakes, dry sump system, etc.  Call Dan Ewing at 410-714-1905, selling due to health reasons.




For Sale:  Eric’s mint condition 2002 Z28 Camaro – The car has 2,500 original miles, original owner, kept covered in heated garage since new, the car has never been wet.  Sunset orange, black leather, factory mags, many options, with an automatic transmission.  The garage space is needed, call Eric Kitchen at 301-416-2319 and lets talk, asking $20,000.  





For Sale:  Two Honda EU1000i generators with parallel cables.  Call Don at 240-818-6128.



For Sale:  New sets of Mickey Thompson 14 X 32 drag slicks, code number 3074ST specifically designed for stick shift cars, call Eric at 301-416-2319.




For Sale:  Posted on April 4, 2012 – Monocoque Wheels – 15 X 14,  5 ½ back spacing, 4 ¾ bolt pattern, asking $400, call Ray 301-717-8841


For Sale:  GForce clutchless 5-speed GF-5R with magnesium case for sale.  $4,500 – call 902-661-2663 for information.


Al Matteucci’s motor home is for sale.  1983 Coachmen / Ford chassis, 460 engine, 63K miles, 23 foot.  The Coachmen is in nice shape and has no rust.  Al is asking $1,000.  Call Al at 703-965-1749.


Joie McCumbee’s Chevelle is for sale, making room for a new car.  The Chevelle is being sold less engine.  Call Joie at 304-258-5894 for more information.


--------  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------









Various photos below are courtesy of either Todd Dziadosz or Gordon Gipe.


2016 Pro Stick Series Champion – James Smith in the Gforce Mustang






Number 2 in 2016 is Chris Shaffer




Number 3 in 2016 is the 2012 series champion Mark Charcalla






Number 4 in 2016 is the three time former series champion - Dan Hoyler






Number 5 in 2016 is the 2014 series champion Andy Charcalla





Number 6 in 2016 – Dean Leyh and “The Wife”








Number 7 in 2016 is Amanda Rupprecht





Number 8 in 2016 is the 2002 champion Russ White





Number 9 in 2016 is Lynn Umberger




Number 10 in 2016 is Bink Rhodes





2015 Pro Stick Series Champion – Jay Zolko in the Gforce Mustang








Number 3 in 2015 is the 2010 series champion Ed Brady






Number 4 in 2015 is Terry Brandt







Number 7 in 2015 is the five time former series champion Eric Kitchen




Number 8 in 2015 is Matt Bergenstock







Number 3 in 2014 is Bill Marks in his seven second Olds!







Number 5 in 2014 is Merv Moyer





Number 6 in 2014 is Bryan Wetzel






Number 7 in 2014 is Gordon Foose





Number 10 in 2014 is John Whorton






Number 2 in 2013 is ‘the honorable’ Larry Carasea












Number 7 in 2013 is two time former series points champ Ted McGann









Ronnie Ward – number 9 in 2013















Number 4 in 2012 is Robert Cook





Number 5 in 2012 is John Soltes




Number 6 in 2012 is Austin Lilley






2011 Pro Stick Series Champ – George Kull









Number 7 in 2011 is Freddie Leyland





Leonard Long






Barry Parson – number 7 in 2010







Mike Rowe – number 3 in points for 2009








Kevin Wines  – number 7 in points for 2009







Paul Hillier – Number 9 in points for 2009, 2005 points series runner-up






Number 2 man for 2008, and 2000 series points champ – Ron Settles






Wayne Whittington – number 4 in points for 2008








Michael (Desert) Ford – two way tie for number 9/10 in points in 2008



Andy Stone – Number 2 in points in 2007






Tom Evans – Always a crowd favorite!










2006 points series runner-up Marvin Blume






Tommy Hennigan





















Mark A. Charcalla











Josh Crue










Warren Frank in his beautiful 8-second Corvette






Jim Martz in his 8-second Malibu





Rich Horton










Mr. Theodore Taylor Sr.




Frank Jenkins in ‘Snoopy’






“The Gentleman” Craig Goods









Ted ‘Smokey’ Taylor














Fred House









Joe White




Lonnie Ewing












Ron Miller





Larry Judd







Glenn Russell




Al Matteucci





Chuck Gassmann driving Eric Massey’s beautiful Camaro














Jeremy Wible’s Camaro





Harold Duffin’s Chevy II









Ernest Oehm’s clean Camaro







Rick Holladay






Charlie Baesch – 64 GTO


Wayne Pope



Sam Freels





Shane Kline




Dave Shives








Schnoke Brothers





Craig Jernigan







Bill Belden





Kevin Baker





Clark Knudsen






Dennis Henry





Matt DeShong




Matt Kuhlman





Terry Wetzel




Jim Bowman
























Mark Frank




Jeremy Moyer




Randy Tibbins









Rich Nye








Mark Petit Demange






Mark Stafford




Mark Fraley























Billy Gimbel







Gary Conte




Jim Soresi





Jeff Twigg






















Bruce Meacham




Jim Stugart




Barry Ehrhart







Matt Walter




Galen Geesaman




Ted Shaffer




Craig Grubb




Larry Judd




Gregg “The Bull” Corbin




Paul Hillier




Ritchie Burns




Dave Snook






















1997 Pro Stick Series Champion Tim and Patty Riggleman






Cody Clites




Greg Lorsbach




Gary Wisecarver




Shannon Wisecarver




Rickey Palmer




John Haislip




Mike Strickler




David Phelps




Kevin Murphy





Howie Crosten





Colton Kirchner





John Voshell




Dave Wilson